Glasses came.

They’re interesting.  The frames are much narrower than I’ve had before.  The arms  are flexible and springy.  The lenses are stronger — my left eye is in focus for the first time for a long time.  My right eye seems fuzzy, but I think that’s compared to the improvement in that eye.  This is a big shift in my prescription.

So today is headache day. 

Also, Semagic is being a butt  It continues to open up with that first post sitting there.  This is annoying.

3 thoughts on “Glasses came.

  1. In Semagic there’s a setting where you can toggle that behavior. Next time I open it I’ll for it for ya.

    And glasses…ugh. It’s not a good glasses day for me. I have the same kind of frames as you just got. Last night a lens fell out, no warning, no reason. I would have thought the frames had some sort of glue to the frame, but no. Just the thin wire around them held by a small screw.

    Not happy.

  2. Thanks. I’d love to know how to change that setting — I’ve looked, and it’s non-obvious.

    Hopefully, they can hold up for another few weeks, at least.

  3. View -> Options -> Save

    Uncheck “Load Draft on Start”

    Just remember, if you start an entry, then don’t post/finish it but close Semagic, with that unchecked, you’ll over-write your draft. One way around that is to specifically save the draft as a file and name it something specific (rather than the default draft naming convention).

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