I’m going to be buying some new glasses shortly — I have the prescription, and I think it’s going to help (after some adjustment) with my vertigo. But, for now, I’m looking for some in put into the frames I’m going to be getting. That’s where you come in.

I heard about Zenni Optical through Clark Howard. They provide single vision glasses, lenses and frames, for as low as $8. I’m thinking about getting a pair for less than $20 as backup, and then a more expensive pair (by Zenni terms — cheaper that the other cheap place I got my current pair from). After I get to work, I may nominate some frames for specific attention, but I haven’t time right now, and I wanted to put the basic links here to be able to work from. If there’s a frame you think would work for me in particular, feel free to mention it in the comments here.

First, the <$20 ones:
$8 glasses
$9.95 glasses
$12.95 glasses
$19 Metal
$19 Plastic or Acetate

And then the more expensive ones I’m thinking about for everyday:
Memory Titanium
Pure Titanium

And the pair I’m tending toward:

Please keep in mind that I’m interested in appearing professional.

More later, but that will do for now.

6 thoughts on “Glasses

  1. There were so many options I can’t pick. But the ones your leaning towards would look good without that extra bar type thing on the top. That would look kinda goofy in my opinion.

    The only thing I can really say is that I think you would look better in the thin dark frames. Like the ones you’ve got now except darker.
    Anything but the big chunky grey ones you had when I was younger and I would be happy. Okay, I lied. It doesn’t matter WHAT colour. The big chunky ones would drive me bonkers.

  2. It’s safe to say that I’m not going to the chunky ones again. I like the thin metal frames, and intend to stick with them.

    The benefit of the bar across the top is that that is where the bar connecting the lenses of the sunglasses will go, so it will make it look less weird.

    I’ll try to sort down to some other options before the day is out, and maybe get some feedback if anybody has any before making the order.

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