Guardedly optimistic

I got a call today from one of the two ladies I interviewed with last week.  She’s been trying to get ahold of my references.  She said that they’re “anxious to get me in” there, and made it sound like the reference checks are essentially a formality.  It sounds like they’re understaffed and need somebody soon, and they want that somebody to be me. 

So I’ll try to facilitate that formality tomorrow before work, and then we’ll wait for the next shoe to drop — the pay they have in mind (it wasn’t listed)(yeah). 

Should be lots of fun.  But the nice part is that I have an employer who actively seems to want me and who is someone other than the agency I’ve been working for the past few years.  This will also qualify as the first job I’ve ever gotten based on a traditional application process where I didn’t have a connection with the company (knowing someone who works there, usually).  Although I do know at least two of the residents already, but that doesn’t really count.

Hoping this works out well.

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