Happiness is….

Ten Things That Make You Happy (in no particular order) then tag 5 friends

1. God
2. Dancing
3. Singing
4. Hugs
5. Smiles
6. Kids
7. Helping
8. Help when I need it
9. My kids doing well
10. Sunsets & stars

(the particular order would be 1, then 9, then it doesn’t matter.)

1. zyne
2. celiwynalondra
3. alaeha
4. abbynormalcy
5. remapper

3 thoughts on “Happiness is….

  1. *gasp* I only come SECOND?!?!?! *dies of shock*
    okaiz, done. Now seriously… I must not make you happy cuz I don’t do very well. 😛

  2. I’m happy with you guys. But it makes me happier when I see you doing well, as opposed to doing poorly.

    The viral nature of the meme has played itself okay. Of my five tagees, two responded, one of them refusing to tag, but that’s still a generation of propagation. And any of my other three could possible respond.

  3. and just so you know… it would have been better if you hadn’t said the perticular order. Cuz I like to think that Ben Amber and I come first to you… and I think they do too.

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