Health Care Bill Realities

Based in a comment I made elsewhere that I want to keep.  I may build on this at another time.

If the Democrat leaders in Congress want to pass a health care bill, they’re going to have to settle for consensus points.  If they really want to improve the health of Americans, they’re going to have to find the guts to tell people about the choices they are making that are exploding the costs of health-care across the board, and nobody likes to tell people they are dependent on that they need to eat their spinach.  

Nobody has shown how government fiat is going to change any of the underlying realities that are causing the problem — confiscating the total profit margins of insurance companies only provides a 2% saving for the services they provide.  Eliminating the profit margins in the industry eliminates the incentive to provide services and products in it — not a smart idea, especially when you can’t show how to provide doctors to serve the millions of people not currently being served.  And, when a clear majority of a person’s life-time consumption of medical services in terms of dollars spent happens in the last week or two of their lives, there is no way to significantly reduce the dollars spent on health-care without significantly impacting end-of-life treatment options (you know, Death Panels).

Seriously reducing medical costs is going to demand that everyone in the system views their own personal health and health care options in drastically different ways than they currently do.  Passing any of the bills that made it through either house of Congress would not produce that kind of change — it would massage the system a bit, but would really only rearrange the deck chairs on a sinking ship.

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