Typing for myself.  I’m just getting ready to go to bed again.  I have a job interview in the morning — one that I think I’m unlikely to get, but it would be very nice for multiple reasons — working in juvenile detention in Everett.  Pay is good, the hours are bad, and it would be a mile commute each way until I could get an apartment in Marysville.  There’s a physical fitness test before hiring that I couldn’t pass before I messed up my knee yesterday, but I don’t think that needs to happen tomorrow anyhow.  I’ll mention the knee thing and see when that process would need to take place.  If I have a week or two, I should be okay, although I will be training the whole time I (every day, anyhow).  1.5 mile run (in 17:17), and as many pushups and situps as I can do in a minute (23 pushups and 19 situps iirc) with the numbers in parentheses being the targets, but doing better in one category can earn points to offset doing less good in another.  I’m most concerned about the pushups, although the knee thing might mess with the run.  A couple fo weeks to train will probably be enough.

Unrelated, but, during the trip (which will be discussed later) i learned that I can use Winamp to load things onto my new mp3 player after all (a necessity when WMP refused to recognize .ogg files as playable media — why is it that MS can’t be bothered to program in support for free media formats and codecs, when the free software programs can support them along with all of the MS formats and codecs?).  And it plays better with the playlists my new perl scripts produce for podpackets than WMP did.  So I’m done with WMP for that job.  Anybody know how to have media opened in the designated default player rather than WMP in Vista? 

Anyhow, to bed, and to prepare (not as much as I’d like) for the interview.  I got the call to schedule it in Weed, CA, right after driving all night long (with a couple of nap breaks).  Aside from about 8 hours Sunday night in a motel in Twentynine Palms and about 4 hours Friday night in Apple Valley, the only sleep I’ve gotten since last Wednesday morning until I got home was in the car, in .5-2 hour stretches.  So I’m tired.

Sorry to a person with a name that starts with MA and ends in RA — once we started back, there just wasn’t any stopping.  Mayhap next time. 

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