I am not wanted. I am not wanted here. I am mean, and I am stupid.

Those things were screamed at/about me for about 40 minutes — post-op panic isn’t much fun. I think I was also an ass-hole and he was going to kill me and he hoped I would wreck my car and die. I haven’t yet been spoken to since he’s calmed down, so I don’t know if we’re going to pretend this was never said or what, but it’s not a fun way to start a 48 hour shift.

Probably, things will be fine — these spells don’t last forever, and then things tend to be good with us — but this was the most explicitly anti-me thing we’ve had to date. Well, when he was pre-op a week ago, he was screaming that I was trying to kill him, which was pretty anti-me, I guess. It’s not really about me.

I think I’m going to be “on shift” here in a minute (just had a bout of typoese of the quoted part of this sentence that didn’t have an “f” in it that I swear was accidental) so I’ll go.

Update: Things are fine now. He’s calm and has been just fine with me. He tends to have three modes: up, down and crazy. Right now, he’s kinda down, but okay. Before, that was crazy, and there’s no reasoning with crazy.

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