I don’t pick up naked girls.

I told this to Crystal several times today. I told her to get some clothes on, but she wandered away instead. She did come by carrying some clothes on her way out the door one trip, but never seemed to get them back on her.

Oh, well.

I was helping my roommate move his kid’s stuff from his ex’s house today. That and reading Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix (second time through) is all I’ve gotten done thus far today. In a few minutes, I’m going to go start getting ready for my dance evening — warm up with the beginners workshop of the Contradance and the first dance of the evening, then drive across town for the Scottish Country Dance demonstration at the Burn’s Supper for the Highland Games Committee, then back to the Contradance for the rest of the evening.

Pretty exciting, I think.

For those who weren’t already clear on this, btw, Crystal is almost three years old. She’s very, very cute and she thinks I”m really cool, but I still don’t pick her up when she’s naked. I have a reputation to think of, after all.

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