Interesting day.

I realize this is a bit “already in progress” but it’s been an interesting day.

Being a work day, my day started at midnight, as my swing shift turned into my graveyard shift.  I usually take it a bit easy across that time, catching up on my online things a bit, and see what’s on History Channel.  When it came time to start on the paperwork for the new month, I went to the office computer and set up the med sheets for the month (they just needed some minor adjustments), and then sent them to the printer.  Nothing happened.  So I checked the printer queue, and found my file sitting there, right next to three copies of a job the case manager had sent to it, none of which was going anywhere. 

Some brain-fuel burnt later and I figured out that what seems to be going on is a network problem.  Last week, as I was leaving, the Comcast guy was there changing us from DSL to Cable internet, and my coworkers were complaining about having trouble getting on the internet, so I think there’s a problem in the network, probably the router.  I think the IPs might have gotten assigned differently than they were configured, and now things aren’t talking to each other the right way.  I tried resetting the router a couple of times, and powering down the computer and the printer and the router, but it wasn’t working.  There’s a network device in there for filtering things that might be messing with stuff, and I don’t have admin privileges on anything, so I can’t do much more than that.

So I couldn’t print out new med sheets for the month, and had to have a place to track the meds for the day, so I squeezed them into empty spaces on the February sheets, and I’ll probably have to do that tonight, and try to get it worked out in the morning when the case manager gets there, in the midst of all the other chaos of the morning.  It’s going to be a rough sleep time — I’m behind on sleep heading into the night, and I’m going to have to stay to get that laid out at least, and then I’m going to have to go to the Lynnwood Parks and Rec department to pick up my hat (I left it there after the pottery class Friday — in a year, it’s the first time I’ve forgot that hat anywhere — much better than my record with baseball caps, but very annoying), and I’m still left with only a few hours to sleep before I have to pack up and head to my afternoon job. 

All of this time spent on getting the printer to not work came out of the time I had other things to get done, so I was behind.  And, being tired from a bad sleeping day yesterday (yes, this is becoming a pattern), other problems arose.  There are three sets of keys for the house, and, Friday night, the other two staff that finished the swing-shift took the set they were carrying with them, so we’ve been working with the set of keys I had that night ever since.  And I lost them for about half an hour, right in the middle of becoming more frantic about trying to get everything done that I needed to in the time I had remaining.  In a faith-promoting moment, I had a short, frantic, direct standing prayer of “I could use some help here, please,” and I walked to the place where I’d placed some papers on top of the keys and there they were.  It was helpful — it’s nice when God puts up with my mouthiness when I really need it.

And then the 0700 staff called to say she’d be 15 minutes late (which wasn’t too big of a deal).  By that point, I was in pretty good shape — I just had three baskets of laundry to fold.  So I folded laundry while she dealt with kids that were bored in their rooms, but can’t come out until 0900 (other than bathroom things).  One of the two 0800 staff that are to relieve me didn’t get there until almost 0840, so I had time to finish folding the laundry and got some of it put away before I left. 

The problem with leaving that late was that I was trying to get to Church by 0900, and the ward I tried this week is about 40 minutes away.  So, I was about 20 minutes late when I got there.  I picked this ward because some friends of mine that I haven’t seen in a few years live there (for those in the know, it was Jay and Audrey), and it would be good to share space with them on the weeks I can’t be at home (and I can’t do the Sunday trip home more than a time or two a month — it just about kills me).  Being late, I sat in the back and scanned the crowd to see if I could find them.  I found their older son first, but I was pretty sure it wasn’t him — it would be too convenient if the first boy I saw about the right age and size just happened to be him.  But the older lady playing with him looked familiar, and then the short-haired guy in front of her turned his head and it was Jay, and then I realized that next to him was Audrey.  That was cool.  But then I looked and noticed that, next to Jay was Audrey’s brother, my former home teaching companion.  I had no idea he would be there — I thought maybe his family had moved into this area as well, and that would just be weird in a good way.  But I couldn’t remember his name, and it bugged me — a lot.  I’m not good with names in general, and I was just not even thinking about him, and there he was.  I couldn’t remember his wife’s name either, but I could remember their older daughter’s name — she used to think I was about the best thing around, and would follow me around, but, not too long before they moved away, she got some taste and decided that she’d at least play a little coy with me (she was like 18 months at that point). 

So I sat at the back of the room, staring at these people, trying to remember their names, paying attention to what the speakers were saying for the most part, and having the spiritual experience, while tipping my uncomfortable metal chair back to reduce the muscle spasms in my ribs (which are still there) so I can keep breathing.  I closed my eyes at some point in this and started dozing off — making a very unsettling moment when I came awake and realized that I had almost tipped my chair over backwards.  At some point, Jay got up and carried out a rather small looking baby, so I figured they’d had another one.  Not a huge surprise — it’s been a few years since their second. 

After the meeting, I wandered over behind their seats, and the best moment came when Audrey glanced back and saw me, because, when she recognized me, she smiled. See, I’ve been running into people I haven’t seen for a long time on Facebook, but it doesn’t allow you to see what their process is when they get the friend request.  It’s hard to tell if they’re at all pleased with the prospect, or if they’re just approving the request to be polite.  But there was nothing in the polite or forced in that smile, and that meant a lot.  She told Jay that I was there, and it took him a second to think about what Blain she was talking about and then to look over and “Oh.”  But they were both glad to see me, and I got to meet the new baby girl, who is only six weeks old.  The reason they had all the family there was that they had blessed her this morning, and Jay reminded me that Audrey’s brother’s name is Spencer (I remembered Brooke’s name while driving out of Marysville on the way back afterwards).  I told them what’s going on, a little bit, and then they needed to leave, because all the family was there and had seen what they came to see.  But they said they hoped I’d come again, and meant it.  Again, very nice.

The rest of the meetings went reasonably well.  The Sunday School teacher this week (the rotate between two) is someone I know as well, although we weren’t particularly close, and I’m not sure he recognized me.  I’ll talk with him next time, when I’ll hopefully be a little earlier getting there — maybe even before the meetings started.  Sunday School went well, and that was good — a bad Sunday School experience is enough to not come back, since I have quite a few wards to choose from.  So I will be back, at least a time or two. 

Sleeping this afternoon didn’t go very well.  I woke up for good just before 2000, and now I need to get ready for work — I need to leave in about 40 minutes.  And, when I go on-shift at 0000, it will be another interesting day. 

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  1. I probably should mention that I’ve not unpacked some of the Mormon-ness of the day, so it may not make total sense to those who aren’t Mormon. To make that worse, I’ll say that, being Fast Sunday, I considered bearing my testimony, but decided not to when I couldn’t remember Spencer’s name (among other reasons), which would have made it awkward when I tried to refer to him, especially since nobody else in the ward knew him either.

    But I can translate any of that Mormonspeak into regular English for those who are confused, so please feel free to ask questions about anything here.

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