88% John McCain
79% Mitt Romney
75% Mike Huckabee
71% Fred Thompson
70% Rudy Giuliani
68% Tom Tancredo
59% Bill Richardson
57% Ron Paul
51% Hillary Clinton
48% Barack Obama
48% Chris Dodd
47% John Edwards
37% Joe Biden
30% Mike Gravel
26% Dennis Kucinich

2008 Presidential Candidate Matching Quiz

Interesting because it’s not a bad estimate of where I’m leaning at the top — with the exception that McCain has never been a candidate I would consider voting for. Remove him from the list and that’s probably a good estimate of who I would pick based on their positions. I don’t pick candidates based solely on their positions, however. I’m also not considering Huckabee for a variety of reasons. I’ve been trying to find a viable alternative to Romney, but I’ve also known, deep down, that I probably won’t have one — Thompson was the closest, but I would only have picked him if I thought he was viable, and I don’t think he is.

This is not quite an endorsement of Romney. It’s an acknowledgment that he’s probably the closest thing I will get to a presidential primary candidate that I will like. I won’t have any greater enthusiasm for anybody else.

3 thoughts on “Interesting.

  1. Do you feel comfortable sharing reasons why you’re not considering McCain or Huckabee? (I could just hear the comics now…President Huckleberry…).

  2. McCain is a snake-bit candidate. He’s built his popularity in the media by turning his back on his party habitually, and will not be supported by Republicans, and the Democrats who like him won’t vote for him either. His candidacy just sucks the air out of the room for other candidates, and he should have stayed out of the race, because all of this was known eight years ago. I also disagree with his approach to campaign finance reform, which is one of his major issues.

    I’m not impressed with what I’ve seen of Huckabee’s record, nor of his campaign. He’s pandering to the most bigoted part of the red-neck evangelical portion of the party and being dishonest about it.

    I like Giuliani in general, but he has no chance of surviving an election for reasons similar to McCain — his lifestyle and positions aren’t going to work with conservatives in the party, and Liberals hate him.

    Tancredo’s not viable. I don’t know any more about him than that, and that’s enough. I won’t support a “feel-good” candidate unless there’s a clear front-runner that I’m comfortable with, and I don’t know if Tancredo would even make me feel good.

    Interestingly enough, the quiz got it right — I do like Bill Richardson better than Ron Paul. Not that I’d vote for him, but I do like him.

    However, I would vote for Obama before I’d vote for Hillary. I didn’t like the way she state-shopped to get elected into the Senate (I don’t like the way a number of people named “Kennedy” did the same thing either). For just one thing.

    Clear enough? I choose candidates based on viability and then trust and then their positions. A candidate who can’t be elected is a waste of time, and a candidate you can’t trust is more likely to work against you than not. When you’ve got those two, if they’re in your party, then you can worry about their positions if you really want to.

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