Interviews are coming.

This is mildly encouraging.  I have an interview to work in a RTC for sex offenders that’s about 90 minutes away on Thursday, and another to work with teens in recovery from chemical addictions in Seattle two weeks from today.

I’m not exactly excited about the first one.  I’m not sure it would be better than working in one of the group homes for Secret Harbor, all of which would have less travel and I’ve got a good shot of getting into one if I try.  The main thing it would offer is another agencies name on my resume and learning a new system, both of which are good things.

The second one I just now scheduled.  Both came from resumes I turned in at the career fair at Western last Thursday, and it’s encouraging that I’m getting calls for interviews — I’ve not gotten those before from resumes at the career fairs.  I’m not sure that this is all that different from the other position — the title doesn’t appear on their website, but what’s closest is a Case Aid position that would be comparable to the level of what I’m already doing.  It’s full time, and it’s got full benefits, and it pays a couple dollars an hour more than what I’m getting now.  It would have the same advantages as the other position.  The similarity in the positions would be a sign that they’re recognizing the Secret Harbor name and know that my time there means that I know how to handle residential settings with difficult people.

These do not pay as well as the positions I’ve really been wanting, but they are steps up, and might help get closer to those positions.  They would likely require moving, which I’m not thrilled about, but, right now, I’ll take incremental progress and not starving to death.  I’m going to continue pursuing other options and see if I can get something better.

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