Jeopardy update

So I’ve been scoring Jeopardy for a little over a week, and I just had my best game.  My average for the first five was 20520, which isn’t quite to the goal of 24000.  My average for the past two is 25100.  One thing that’s bumped a couple of those scores down has been when they don’t complete a board (like Thursday’s show).  However, yesterday’s show (which I just did) got me 30400.  Something that helped was that I didn’t get a wrong guess in the Double Jeopardy round.  I’ve also missed questions that I should have got by forgetting what the category was.  Guessing at answers I’m not certain of has lost me more than not guessing would have on the instances my unspoken guesses was correct.  I have also seen categories that I would have done better with if I’d done the training mentioned in the article I mentioned before. 

So it’s about time to start with some flashcards for some of the repeated category areas to pick up some of those other answers.  They will help fill my head with more trivia, and should help bump up my scores a bit.

I’m probably going to do another post or two today.  There’s stuff going on.

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