Job hunting less than fun.

Well, job hunting has never been fun for me — I’ve always hated it.  But it’s become necessary — I haven’t had a job all week.  I do need to call the HR person at the state to see if I can straighten stuff out there, but I’m not really hopeful that they will do something that makes sense (ever).  And I have been finding some nice sounding opportunities that would be workable next steps — ranging from doing some of what I have been doing, but closer to home and for better pay to being a social work assistant working in a hospital, which would be wonderful.  I dropped off an application packet for a juvenile detention officer position today, and will be sending another off for another facility shortly — might see if there’s an opening for the facility between here and there as well and make a sweep of it.  Having the degree to put into the application is making this more fun than job applying has been in the past.

However, writing all of these cover letters is getting to me.  All of this talking about myself, saying the same things in different ways, is just getting to be too much.  One of the sites I’m working through has an online application where they will send the resume for me for each position, and I can add a cover letter, but it seems to be that they all get the same cover letter.  I was trying to write a one-size fits all letter, but that’s making me too crazy.  So I’m going to spend some time tomorrow and do each application separately, with its own customized cover letter.

Which makes more cover letters.  Just what I needed.

I would still rather stick a fork through my hand than go through this process if it would wind me up with a decent job.  However, I’ve not yet found a way to convert ham-fisted acupuncture into job success, so I’ll keep slogging through this.  And I’ll try not to be too obvious about how much I hate doing it.  I’m almost hopeful that this will work.

2 thoughts on “Job hunting less than fun.

  1. Don’t let the 500+ cover letters in my wake discourage you….

    on the other hand, after that many I do have a “one size fits most” cover letter that is more quickly adapted.

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