Let the healing begin, right here, right now.

This was inspired by a post from about the prevalence with which people like to go to the victim place politically when things don’t work out their way.  A useful sample from that post:

Reality check: Obama is NOT our “Savior”- nor is McCain. Whoever wins will inherit a shit-heap that will make the Aegean Stables look like a skate-job. Whoever wins is going to piss off the losers, and they’ll make life for the ‘winner’ very difficult. In fact, in all honesty- whoever ‘wins’ this election truly will lose- simply because of the magnitude of what lies ahead. Joe Biden had it right- whoever gets into that office will be tested- but not by outsiders, but insiders. The losers will scream about being victimized once again, and the winners will scream about sore losers.

In the spirit of lighting a candle rather than cursing the darkness, I’m going to invite people to join me in a very simple pledge:

I promise, whatever the outcome of the upcoming election, that I will neither whine nor gloat about that outcome.  I will respect the voice of the people as expressed through that election and will wish nothing but good for those chosen to lead this country, whether I agree with their policy positions or not, and whether I voted for or against them.  I do this not because I am giving up my political principles, but because I believe that unity under imperfect leaders chosen by an imperfect system is better than schism and division on idealogically pure lines.

If you believe in this, maybe pass the word along and see if others are willing to try it.  It’s a bit time sensitive.

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