Letter to the Editor

Dear Editor,

I see that there is, once again, an interest in removing the supermajority requirements for school bonds and levies. In the interest of reasonable compromise, I propose this:

Remove the supermajority requirements for any school bond or levy presented in a November general election. If the matter is approved by a majority of the people voting on the general election for the year, that will be sufficient. However, if the matter is only presented in a special election (the kind that are supposed to only happen in emergencies, but, strangely, happen every time), then the supermajority requirement stays in place.

Honesty should be rewarded, after all.

2 thoughts on “Letter to the Editor

  1. I think it’ll take amending the State Constitution. Not sure. Don’t think it’ll happen yet — WEA’s not quite powerful enough yet. They’re trying, though.

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