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Math by Blain -- Course and Subject Familiarity

Familiar Courses/Subjects

I am familiar with the following courses and topics (as taken from the WWU Catalog 2003-2004).

Less Familiar Courses/Subjects

I am less familiar with the following courses, so sessions about these courses and subjects will be discounted $5/session, but I can still be an effective learning resource in them:

Unfamiliar Courses/Subjects

I am unfamiliar with all courses numbered 200 and greater, excepting 381 and 382. I can provide help in learning those courses, including establishing study strategies and test taking strategies, but will not be able to provide significant amounts of help with the content of the course. Sessions about these courses and subjects will be discounted $10/session.

I do have some familiarity with concepts found in the following classes, although not equivalent to the described contents of the class: