Maybe not so much.

I hate it when programmers try to figure out what I want to do, so they can make it easier.  They are wrong, almost every time.  Especially when they are Microsoft.

I finally managed to get the playlist thing worked out and copied to the player, and decided to go copy the rest of the podpacket over and add it to the playlist.  It should be simple, right? 

No.  I decide to try the “sync” option from the thumb drive to my library, and it imports all the music into a whole set of directories and now, when I try to sort by filename, the filenames are all messed up when I try to sort them out. 

So now I’m probably going to have to delete all of the files and copy them over differently, add them back to the library, and then create a new playlist with all the files, and then synch that to the player. 

And I have to be awake in 4.5 hours.

/me is not happy.

2 thoughts on “Maybe not so much.

  1. Been there and been that. This worked out better. I was in bed about midnight and let myself drift for about ten minutes after the alarm went off. I was on-time for out-the-door, but traffic was worse through Everett and Lynnwood (and I had to stop for sub-$3 gas) so I was about 15 minutes later than planned here. No harm done. The player worked pretty well, as did the playlist. The controls on the thing are more than a little sensitive, and that’s going to take some getting used to.

    FWIW, the critter is a samsung yp-u3. 2gb and it supports ogg, both of which were considerations for me. And it’s pink.

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