/me is happy.

Not eternally happy, nor blissfully happy, but happy enough.  I just found out that I can access my spiffy new mp3 player under linux through Amarok.  That makes loading podpackets a lot (lot) easier, since I don’t need to copy them to the thumbdrive, then to the laptop, then to the player.  I just copy them to the player. 

That’ll be handy tomorrow.  I’ve got a big big driving day — biggest work-related trip I’ve had in over three years. 

And I’ve gotten through my push-up work for today (four of five sets), although I’ve been giving myself more time between the sets than the one minute the program allows.  I’m going to start again on Monday with Week Three.  One more set and then to bed.  The goal is 15 (these are knee push-ups — I’m not nearly ready for that many regular pushups).  Thus far, I’ve done more push-ups than on Monday, and, while my arms and shoulders are tired, it’s not nearly as much as Monday (I was sore until Thursday).  Then I’m off until Monday.


Update: My last set is to be as many as I can do, with the minimum of 15. I did 25. This is good. I might even start next week with regular pushups using the Week One program.

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