Microsoft is my friend.

A better friend than my senator’s company, anyhow.  To shorten the story, suffice it to say that I bought a new mp3 player tonight, and went to load it with my podpacket, and, well, it’s just not easy.  I was able to move the files over, but the player doesn’t sort by the filename, so I lost the order I wanted them played in.  So I went ahead and installed the software that came with it to see if it would let me create a playlist.  That would be Rhapsody, from the evil, soulless slimeballs at Real networks.  Rhapsody does not allow you to sort music files based on filenames, so it was going to take forever to figure out the order they should go in, and then drag and drop them, one by one, into a playlist. 

In desparation, I decided to try Windows Media Player, and found that it does allow for sorting by filename, which meant that I could just drag and drop from that list to create the playlist.  The downer is that I’m pretty sure I have duplicates of everything, and will have to delete the first copy.  I did, actually, but it was no big deal.  I might try this with Winamp, as I just want another option than WMP.

My soul is starting to hurt.

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