Monday, part 4.5

I stopped and got a new plastic wall tube on my way back from work, but then I found that the old one not only was falling apart — it wasn’t held together by a normal fitting — it was held together by (I’m not kidding) electrical tape.  The nipple it was connected to is old and corroded and the threads don’t work.  Oh, and (as I was typing this, I figured out that) I need to cut the new wall tube to get it to fit to the p-trap, even though I won’t be able to get a good fit (all at once, the electrical tape makes sense). 

The ultimate solution is going to be replacing two or three little fittings of cast-iron pipe with a combination of stainless and plastic.  But, in addition to the money being too tight to do that right this second, I also have been unable to get the metal fittings to break loose so I could even try to do that. 

Tomorrow I get to take a UA to prove that I’m not drugged (chuckle), and then do my first training shift for the new job — a graveyard, starting tomorrow at midnight.

I wonder how strong my nephew is feeling these days.  Maybe he can break that loose for me and put the new pieces in place — it’s not that complicated (if I can do it, it’s not, and I did it on the drain for the other sink right next to it). 

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