My letter to Marvel Comics

This is in response to an attempted letter-writing campaign to Marvel Comics opposing their collaboration with Orson Scott Card due to his statements against same-sex marriage:

You may be getting a flurry of emails opposing your publication of Orson Scott Card’s Ender’s Game.  Or, you might not — I’m not certain that the individual who’s trying to generate that flurry has as much influence as he might wish.  However, I want to rise in opposition to that flurry, attempted though it might be.

I am very familiar with Scott’s work.  I’ve read almost every word he’s published in every genre he’s written in, including his columns.  I’ve read and listened to not a few interviews with him.  I attended EnderCon, where I got to attend the Q&A session, and then attended the writing class he offered over the next few days, where my son and I got to meet him.  My former room-mate had dinner in his parents’ home.  I’ve participated in live chat sessions he used to hold on his own areas in AOL.  And I’ve talked to a number of people who have known him for many years.  Just for background — I know Scott and what he has to say.

He is not a homophobe, nor is he hateful.  He has written gay characters and been very respectful to them.  He has stated that he didn’t see how gay marriage could be as damaging to families as heterosexual divorce is.  While he is opposed to same-sex marriage, and does not wish to see homosexual behavior normalized, he does not advocate mistreatment of gay people. 

His largest alleged “sin” is that he disagrees with the militant side of the GLBT movement, and he is both blunt and eloquent in doing so.  Hardly mortal sins.

All of which is irrelevant to the choice you folks have made to publish Ender’s Game.  There isn’t a moment in the Ender’s Game world which is harmful to gay people in any way, and I encourage you to continue with the project.  It will produce a great title for you, and will tie you in with what is anticipated to be a brilliantly executed film. 

These folks are trying to hit Scott in the pocket book to punish him for not agreeing with them.  I encourage you to not participate in this punishment.  It makes no sense.

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