My other LJ.

Well, my other, other LJ, actually.  I created it a few years go to be the place I could put article/essays about issues of the day, and then kinda forgot about it.  But, today, I wrote something, and it seemed to me that it’d be good to post there, and to open it up so that people could know it was there.  At this point, all it’s got is today’s article, and the first two parts of a series I never finished about Social Security reform, back when people were willing to talk about that.  I never mentioned it to anybody — I wanted to have a body of posts there first, but that body’s never going to happen if I just keep waiting.

So, here’s today’s article.  I think I’m going to start putting my “Hey, world, think about this” posts over there, rather than here, and leave this LJ to just be about me, and humorous things I find, and whatever along those lines.  If you like the first kinds of things, then friending that LJ is a good idea.  OTOH, I’m thinking I’ll post links here that point to what I come up with there.  We’ll see.

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