New GPG key

Get it while it’s fresh.

Just got Thunderbird upgraded and moved from a hand-install to a Debianized version that will upgrade itself with everything else automagically from now on forever. And I got enigmail working on it now, so I have the option of encrypted and signed emails henceforth.

Yesterday I managed to figure out better how Firefox does plugins, and got a multimedia program (vlc) and its plugin working. It does pretty well with Windows media, both audio and video, and mpeg, and avi. It won’t touch Real anything (/me hates Real products real bad), and will play Quicktime video without sound. Hopefully this will improve with time. It’s nice to have the option of playing some multimedia stuff — that and games are about the only shortfall I’ve found since crossing over to linux. I even got the Java plugin working in Firefox, so I can play games at again. I love those things.

For those wanting to play along at home, WinPT (Windows Privacy Tools) works nicely for the Windows-abled, and Kgpg works well for those using KDE. Enigmail is available for Mozilla and Thunderbird and is a pretty easy install and configuration. And LJ lets you upload your public key into your user profile, so your friends can grab it from there and encrypt stuff for you from there. You can also use either program for encrypting your own data files so as to keep your data away from those you don’t wish to have it. And it makes email private — you do all know that email is as private as a post-card that many people can handle without you knowing about it, right?

3 thoughts on “New GPG key

  1. meh yeah MIT has linear algebra lectures in real format
    that i wish i could watch right now..

    supposedly it’s “open” courseware.. but.. they picked
    such a proprietary format? hrm.. well, actually i’m
    a tad surprised that none of the math faculty at whatcom
    for example seem to have any interest in or know anything
    about oss. i tried to get one of the math lab computers
    installed with python/pygame for graphics programming but
    ran into nothing but misunderstanding and red tape.. they’re
    pretty ignorant.. sadly..

    that has nothing to do with real. oh wait. the linear algebra
    videos. that’s an interesting subject by the way! i’m in calc
    2 and that this quarter.

  2. But, yeah, what’s the deal with the proprietary formatting. Probably it’s simply that almost nobody knows about open codecs.

    Most folks just have no clue about oss, math people included. There’s almost no interest in the underlying principles of it — they just use what comes on their computers, or what some kind soul puts on there, and assume that that’s all the options they need. Although, thus far, nobody I’ve installed Firefox for has asked for help in removing it, and, afaik, they’re all still using it.

    Yeah, I remember the time I went to the folks that run the computer labs at Western a few years ago (wanna call them ASUS, but I think that’s the company that made my mb). Anyhow, I went there and asked about getting Word Perfect installed, and they wouldn’t even consider it. They would do so much better there if they went with thin clients, but I doubt they’ve even heard of them. They know what they know and have a pretty much siege mentality.

  3. i hear mplayer oughta be able to handle it… my netbsd
    version was freezing though so i’m deciding on a debian
    install cd at the moment… i’ll get all hot and current..
    or sarge testing version i think likely.. i ran current
    last time and it was about as stable as a stick of butter
    on the end of a red hot poker

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