New icon, part deux

I mentioned my new icon, but didn’t clarify who it was, I don’t think.

The picture is of Jewel Staite, in the role of Kaylee on the show Firefly (created by Joss Whedon, who also created Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel, and is currently writing one of the X-men titles). And, if you look very very close, you will see the lyrics to “You Are My Sunshine,” which is a perfect fit for Kaylee. You can get to know Kaylee through the Firefly boxed DVD set (small box, they canceled the series part-way through the first season for some stupid reason), or you can wait for the movie Serenity which will be out the end of September at last word. And you can see Jewel in “Widow on the Hill” tomorrow night on Lifetime (if you have cable).

My other icon (which I might switch to sometime soon) will be Summer Glau as River Tam from the same show. River is a very brilliant and very messed up young woman, and the scene the icon is made from has her folk-dancing with folks on the planet they’re visiting with joy on her face, which was neat because Summer used to be a professional ballerina and is quite neat to watch dance and move (not just because she’s really pretty).

BTW, if I ever post an animated icon, someone please tell me. I don’t like animated things and only load the first frame of any animated icons that come by, so I won’t notice otherwise.

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