Osmonds Rock

I’ve also recently watched a couple of recorded Osmond concerts, and they’re quite good entertainers.  If you’re not too cool for the room, you might give them a shot.  They’ve got great harmonies.  They dance without looking boy-band.  And they take you back if you’re over 30. 

Having recently watched a similar recorded Barry Manilow concert (also worth a shot for the not-too-cool), I’m not enjoying the audience shots that get included.  The front-row fans are grown women who grew up idolizing these performers, they know every song, they dance and sing, and, well, they look rather dumb.  Not that they’re dumb, but they look dumb, just like anybody who’s having that much fun looks dumb, and they don’t have the mitigation of being teen-aged, where the expectations are lower. 

But, yeah.  Worth a look.

One thought on “Osmonds Rock

  1. /sing “I’m a little bit country!”, “And I’m a little bit rock and roll!”

    Hehe, we would watch the show once in a while as a kid…
    It is good to see that Donny has embraced his white and nerdiness even now!

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