pascal’s pyrmaid beginning

Pascal’s Pyramid — A Beginners Guide to n-Dimensional Space.

Math was not always my thing. I remember being interviewed for the school newspaper when I was in third grade as to my least favorite subject, and, without hesitation, I said “Arithmetic.” I didn’t particularly excel in math in grade school, but I did learn the basic skills reasonably well. When I came to public school in sixth grade, I found myself in the highest of the three math levels in my class, much to my surprise. I did badly there as well, falling well behind in my assignments for most of the year. I had no particular problem learning the material, but I had problems in the way the class was run. I began seventh grade in General Math, but a short math quiz at the start of that year disrupted my class schedule and I found myself in Accelerated Math for the remainder of the year. Accelerated Math was fun — the teacher was fun, and concepts like variables and negative numbers made it more interesting than the drill-and-grill I’d spent my early math life doing. Those who were in Accelerated Math in seventh grade got to take the Algebra Prognosis test at the end of the year. I passed that test well enough to be assigned to Algebra I in eight grade, and did well enough there (despite atrocious homework habits that got in my way) to be ready to start Geometry in ninth grade, but I moved across the country at that point. The new district wasn’t prepared for an incoming freshman who was ready for Geometry, so I was told that I’d have to take Algebra 1 again, so I did. I stayed at the top of the available math classes for the next four years, and went to math meets several times, as I was now known as a “math person.” I’ve remained one ever since.

Six years later, married and with two children,

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