Public apology, public kudos

I’ve been bad. Scheduling myself has always been hard for me, and this year I’ve managed to miss two of Ben’s performances due to misremembering which night they were held. The latest was his Advanced Theater Arts class’ evening of One-acts this past Tuesday. I was really looking forward to this, but thought that they were going to be tonight. I have enough things to help me keep track of these things, and I didn’t use them and I’m sorry, Ben.

While I’m in public talking about One-acts, then, I’ll mention that I did manage to make it to Emily’s class’ evening of One-acts last night (I didn’t think I’d be able to, but my job for the day was cancelled, and I arranged my new job for the day to let me get there just before the house-lights dimmed). The teacher had selected her One-act (titled “911”) to go first because it was funny and they were strong enough in it to be able to get the evening started — quite a lot of trust. So Emily was the first one to go up onto the stage, face the audience with the spot-light in her face, introduce herself and her play, and then proceed to die while projecting her voice enough that she could be heard (not easy to do while portraying someone who is bleeding to death). She did a very nice job. She also delivered a monologue that she wrote later in the evening — just her, the spot-light and a stool, and she looked totally at ease and in command of the situation. It was well written and showed some really good insights and learning. It was neat to watch.

And, for credit where credit is due, Trever played a very demanding role in the longest and most involved comedy of the evening, with physical comedy, difficult line delivery, and solo singing with a funny speech pattern, and was fully up to the task. He hit his marks, and stayed in character, which is difficult for those with more experience to do.

I hope this isn’t my last chance to see any of these three on stage.

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