The Safe Mail List.

The Safe mail list exists to provide a support space for domestic abuse survivors, whether they are in abusive relationships currently or not, who seek a different support experience than they have found in more traditional support groups. The focus here will be on putting safety first, being reality based, taking responsibility for our own choices (and only ours), making plans, clear thinking, getting into safe spaces, protecting our children, healing, and making safe and healthy relationship choices.

This list is explicitly open to men and women who have been abused, regardless of the genders of their partners. Those prefering a gender-segregated support group will prefer other lists than this one. Those wishing to join the list should contact the list owner explaining why they wish to join -- this is to keep out voyeurs.

Advocates willing to work in this kind of environment should mention that they are advocates when contacting the list owner when requesting subscription.

Subscription to this list is closed, meaning that subscriptions need to be approved by the list-owner (and they almost always are). If you are interested in subscribing to any of these lists, please read the rules then e-mail the list owner to indicate what your interest is in gaining membership on the list before sending a subscription request to the list server.

Those interested in spouse abuser treatment are encouraged to bring that interest to the Abuse-free family of mail lists. Safe is here to focus on abuse survivors and their issues.