Sporcle is cool.

StumbleUpon has brought me to a wonderful site that’s helped me with my Jeopardy training called sporcle.com.  It’s got a growing list of “games” that are quite useful in memorizing the things the games are about.  Thus far, I’ve solidified US Presidents, States, State Capitals, European Countries and European Capitals, and I’m coming along with the elements of the periodic table (I’m getting over 100 of them now).  Also working on NFL Teams by conference and division, and plan to start working on US Vice Presidents (much tougher than presidents).

The Rick Astley game was quite cute.

And it’s helping.  I picked up a Final Jeopardy in seconds that I wouldn’t have gotten had I not been working on State Capitals recently.

Last week I got my best score on a single show and my best weekly average since I started.  Progress is good.

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