Starting to like Dolphin

And I’m not talking Flipper here (Flipper was my friend when I was quite young, however).  Kubuntu made Dolphin their default file manager over Konqueror with Gutsy, and I wasn’t hugely impressed initially.  It doesn’t have a delete menu item (it has “move to trash” which annoys me — to get a real delete you have to select and then do shift-del from the keyboard.

But it has a feature that I love.  Xandros File Manager let you create symlinks with a dialogue box, which is easier than doing them from the command line, which was cool.  But, in Dolphin, when you drag and drop files, it gives you the option to move, copy or link.  This is so, so cool, and it was really handy when I integrated my 500gb hd into my file system, moved all my media files to it, and then made a symlink back to the same location that all of my scripts look at. 

I also got Samba working and ssh/putty, so I can work on my linux machine from my laptop.  Networking is fun when it works, and this wasn’t all that tough.

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