Supertramp for cheap.

I’m really enjoying the Amazon MP3 Download store.  Last night, I remembered what brought me there in the first place — the specials.  The first one was Depeche Mode — a 21 track album for $2.99.  Right now, they’ve got Supertramp’s Breakfast in America for $2.99, which I bought last night.  I even signed up for a marketing email that will tell me what the new free/cheap things are as they change (I got a free one off of Lindsay Buckingham’s new CD last night also — it sounds a lot like Lindsay Buckingham, but it was free).  I never ever like marketing emails — I get very nasty at the places that spontaneously decide to send them to me without me opting-in.

The only thing that bugs me about the place is the windows-only client.  But no DRM and they don’t (at last word) watermark the files — you just agree not to distribute them.  A music service that doesn’t treat you like a thief — and that doesn’t steal back the music you paid for when they go out of business.  And you know what you’re getting — higher bitrate than the usual bootleg mp3, the whole song, and the song you wanted. 

And I’m not getting paid for saying any of this — I haven’t touched my Amazon Store on my website in years, and I’ve never gotten a check from it anyhow.  Just in case you were wondering.

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