Thank you for spoilering.

I tend to be interested in shows where the fun of the show is the unfolding of the overarching story, and where little details along the way can really spoil the fun.  I appreciate that folks who post here to talk about their shows tend to take this into account by making it easy to avoid reading those little details along the way, but wanted to explicitly be grateful for it.  And, also, to list the shows that I’m particularly concerned about, so folks can know — and so we can talk about them if you want:

Sarah Conner Chronicles

I’m also planning on starting my way into Chuck and Big Bang Theory, but haven’t gotten to them yet.  I know the basic plot of Chuck, but have forgotten the premise of BBT — and don’t want to be reminded.  I don’t like the “what’s coming next” at the end of episodes, nor the teasers in promos.  I don’t even like the flashes at the end of the BSG theme.  I want the story to unfold on its own. 

But that’s me.

2 thoughts on “Thank you for spoilering.

  1. I totally agree with you about the “Next week, on BSG”s. Don’t want to see it! I’m going to be so sad when that one is finished.

    I haven’t seen the first episode of Dollhouse yet, but it’s on my DVR.

    The good thing about Chuck, as far as I’m concerned, is that it is character-driven – not so much plot-driven. Each plot is started and resolved in each week’s installment. Thus, there really isn’t a risk of being spoiled.

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