The 1-2-3s of #1, #2 and other numbers

This idea involves some less than appetizing things.  You might not want to read this.  But, if you have a weak stomach, you may find it useful.  So here we go.

This is a method for communicating urgency for bodily process over which we have limited control.  Like, for instance, things we do in bathrooms.  It’s a scale, that works like this:

For any given X (peeing, for example), the scale is thus:

0 — I just Xed.
1 — I will need to X at some point, but it’s not at all urgent.
2 — I need to X now!
3 — I am Xing! (unable to stop, or it has progressed to the point that stopping is beside the point)

As my diabetes has progressed, I’ve gone from the time that I could hold at 2 for an hour or so, to where the time between 2 and 3 is sometimes just a few minutes.  And I’ve found it useful for the nausea after my migraines.

But this is handy when traveling, for instance.  And could be useful with children, when they say they need the bathroom.

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