There are a lot of countries in the world.

I just did a flashcard set with my good friend, Teach2000.8 which claimed to be the capitals of all the countries in the world.  I had to hand-add Kosovo, and it didn’t have St. Helena, but it was pretty thorough.  It took me about three hours to go through it on a training mode.  At the end, I have a passing familiarity with the names of all of those capitals, but it’s really hard to keep track of N’djamena, Sanaa, Yaounde, Mbabane, and a few of the other ones that I have little idea of how to pronounce.

Although I’m doing pretty good with Kinshasa, Dodoma, and, well, Mbabane is starting to grow on me (kinda focusing on Africa right now — it’s got the most countries of any continent). 

Now I’m doing an Africa-only flashcard set, and then I’m going to try the Sporcle game about African capitals again (I got 21 out of 49 last time).  I think my brain is smoking.  I’ve got a Millionaire going in the background — looking kinda easy right now.  Can’t believe it took a lifeline and a leap of faith to figure out that BYU was rated the most “stone cold sober” college campus nine years running, but it was college week.  Let’s see if she’s going to get that Dido was in the Aenied.  She might get it with a guess (she thinks it might be in the Antigone).  She’s lurching toward it.  She got it.  $50k for that?  That’s what drives me crazy about that show.  She’s from Southern Illinois University – Edwardsville, which happens to be the campus that Dr. Pamela Gay teaches at (she’s one of the hosts of Astronomycast).  And she just made 100k on an astronomy question with a mostly guess.  And she walks at the 250k question — I would have gotten the last two wrong. 

Back to capitals.

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