Things are going well.

I’m not sure what to say — what I can say. I’ve been in the hospital for about 24 hours now. This is my long weekend — I may not be coming home until Sunday, and I might be back down here as soon as Tuesday. We’re already through the tough part in many ways — the personalities and agencies involved have come together in, thus far, a manner that’s closer to optimal than I really expected to happen. We’re down to the point that the challenges are going to be medical.

The medical challenges are significant enough, but they’re a lot easier to face when all of the adults are working together to make things better. None of these folks are perfect, and this isn’t going to be a perfect experience. But it’s working.

I’m afraid that these pieces I’m sharing here are ambiguous enough that this probably isn’t comprehensible. Sorry. I’m pleased with how things have gone. These are the first few steps of a many months’ plan that will have some big impacts in my life (hopefully good).

I’m tired. I’m going to try to go to bed.

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