Those who switched experienced savings that you might not if you were to switch.

Just watching another insurance commercial that includes a claim about “those who switched to X saved an average of $Y.”  Which is an interesting claim, because it seems to imply that you can save $Y by switching to X.  It does imply that, actually, but it doesn’t mean that.  The only people who saved that money (on average, not each individual) were those who switched to the company.  There is an unaccounted for group of people who got rate quotes and didn’t switch, and it would be reasonable if those people would have experienced less of a rate decrease and, possible, a rate increase by making that switch, which is why they didn’t. 

Also, the claim doesn’t mention whether this saving was due to a lower rate for the same coverage, or because of a reduction in coverage, or some combination of those two. 

Mind you, I’m still a fan of Flo and her big, tricked-out name-tag.  And X might be a great fit for you.  Or Z.  I’m personally happy with G, although I did well with E for quite a while.  But there are many factors that lead to an insurance rate, and, until you do an apples-to-apples comparison based on your profile and needs, you can’t be any too sure whether switching will save you anything.

Don’t expect that this will be news to anybody necessarily, but you never know.

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