Tom Lehrer’s Elements

With a non-annoying flash animation

And some interesting links at the bottom about Mr. Lehrer.

And, incidentally, I got through the Periodic Table again getting all the elements (not all in order).  I’ve gotten a bit rusty — last time I missed ten, I think — so this is another small victory.  I even missed a president the other night. 

And, speaking of Jeopardy, I’m getting a break this week and last, because they did their Teen Tournament.  I did the first one, and ended up getting over $40k, having swept at least three categories on each board, but decided that being able to successfully beat people younger than (some/most) of my own offspring really wasn’t useful information.  And it looks like the Saturday shows (reruns) are approaching the time I started recording them, so, when that happens, I’ll only have five shows a week to do instead of six.  I’m still uncertain how much probability there is that I will be able to be competitive on the show, but what I’m doing is less harmful than chasing kittens across the freeway, so I think I’ll keep doing it.

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