Trying out Plurk

Okay, I’m trying out this Plurk thing, and it was supposed to embed my widget in the code under this. I’m not seeing anything other than a link to the Plurk website, but I’m grouchy and don’t let my browser do things I don’t like. If anybody’s seeing something here, please let me know.

Also, if you happen to already be plurking, feel free to let me know — uid: blain (I got there in time to not need to add my last initial!). This is all quite new to me, so I’m not yet recommending it. I’m just trying it as a twitter-like service because I still can’t twitter from my IM client (although Plurk isn’t working through IM right now either).

Update: I tested this under IE, and I’m still not getting anything in the widget space other than empty space. So I tweaked the code and let’s see if this fixes it:

Nope. Anybody else?

12 thoughts on “Trying out Plurk

  1. Okay. The widget code is clearly broken. Thanks everybody for your help.

    So, I guess, if any of y’all want to play with plurk, you retain that option, and we can be friends there too.

  2. Been looking at it, and realize that it’s another Twitter clone. Then I realize that I am too much of a cranky curmudgeon to ‘lifestream’ anything. Guess I’m stuck in the long-form thought-track.

  3. I rather like Twitter, except for the occasional twit-floods and the fact that it hasn’t worked fully with my IM client in more than a month. A few weeks back, I started receiving twits through the IM client, which was nice, but I’m not that good at lurking — I wanna twit back.

    This one is a bit more interactive, and I’m not sure if that’s an enhancement or not. That’s why I’m so ambivalent about it.

  4. Boy Blaine, me old sysop maytee arr .. ok, don’t know where that came from (well, clearly it came from .bli).

    Dale and dra were already taken, but their name checker indicated the letter D was available. When I pressed submit, however, it informed me that 3 characters were a minimum.

    So, perhaps I will look into what a Twitter or a Purge actually are before I try plurg, while I think of some kind of Darth Puppy, alt password dot com, remapper, or what-have-you. Actually, I’m tempted to try whathaveyou now that I mention it.

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