Vacuum Pockets

This made me laugh a lot. 

Reminds me of my experience getting my Enhanced Drivers License a few weeks ago.  The standards for the EDL are (I believe) based on the standards for a passport, since it has to satisfy Federal requirements for border crossing.  So you have to not only prove citizenship, you have to prove residence.  Proof of citizenship was easy — my folded-up certified birth certificate did the job just fine.  But proof of residence was tough. 

A drivers license will not do.  A utility bill will, but it has to be within the last 60 days.  I went to email billing for my power bill and phone bill.  A listing in the phone book will do, but I have a VoIP phone and they don’t get listed.  Cell phone bills won’t do.  An insurance policy will work, but not an insurance bill.  A voter registration card can be one of two proofs (utility bills will do on their own), but an unopened ballot won’t.  Also confusing the issue is the mail v physical address problem that results from living two blocks from a “rural” post office.

So I went to the power company to see if they could print me a bill.  They could and did, and I took it back.  They couldn’t just accept it because (wait for it) it wasn’t mailed to me.  So they had to call the power company, have me verify that I was me to the power people, and then they could confirm the address information on my account. 

Bureaucracy — making the reasonable impossible for 7000 years.

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