Virgil Brinkman is back on the air.

I’m sitting at the picnic table at the Big Timber KOA (home of the world famous water slide, which I will not be sliding on/in/with/whatever). After two nights at National Forest campgrounds in grizzly bear territory (pictures to follow), and much of a day in Yellowstone Park (pictures to follow), we’re now winding down this part of this trip. Several intended destinations have gone by the wayside, including a visit with my sister in Great Falls, and a drive-by of the Broderson Ranch in Ryegate. Tomorrow we’ll be going to Flathead Lake, ending up the day in Spokane, and then Thursday will include arriving at Wenatchee, hoping to just visit our friends at the pizza place, pick up the car, pay a not-too-expensive bill, and drive the rest of the way home without incident. Then it’s sleep one night in my bed, and off to work Friday for a full weekend, then off to Baltimore Monday evening with Emily and, hopefully, our big trip of the Eastern Lands. If it turns out we spend 10 days in the DC/Maryland/Virginia territory, then we do, and that will be cool. If we get out and do the other things we want to, and see the people we want to, that will be cooler. We’ll find out.

More detailed descriptions of the trips will follow, along with a mega-butt-load of pictures of tons of pretty places and cool things and you will get to meet Wilbur and Lola and Foamy and Finnegan and see them in their many adventures.

An extra sloppy hug to whomever can identify the source of the title, btw. You can even choose that to be an extra hug which is sloppy, or a hug which is extra sloppy.

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