Was I too harsh here?

And yes, I am on a roll today.  Tomorrow I go down to work, and I will be much less visible during daytimes around here until Monday.

Anyhow, this thread popped up in a community I belong to, and the only response I seem to have gotten is elsewhere in the thread where people are complaining about folks being up-tight.  I was wondering if the folks who are more used to my ramblings think I crossed a line in this.

I may post again before the day’s out.  I’m crazy that way.  Let this be your warning.

4 thoughts on “Was I too harsh here?

  1. heh…. go Blain go!!!! I don’t think you were too harsh at all, especially in light of the way he replied to you. I loved your reply to him also!!

  2. Yup, harsh smarsh. You served him pretty good, I reckon. Any further business, he gonna have to settle with Blain, game is pistols at high noon in red square.

    In a strange way though, I can identify with him. Having to wait a half an hour for that silly electronic payment problem, as long as he was respectful and didn’t steal or ruin the paper and left them snug and secure like he found them, which I’m not saying he was responsible enough to do or anything.

    But, at least he was trying to educate himself as concerns current events.. or maybe he just wanted to check the classifieds.. for the going price of how he could be any more lame on live journal communities ‘wwu’..

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