What Makes People Vote Republican

A very interesting article that shows a deep understanding of where political conservatives are coming from, without ever joining them.

When Republicans say that Democrats “just don’t get it,” this is the “it” to which they refer. Conservative positions on gays, guns, god, and immigration must be understood as means to achieve one kind of morally ordered society. When Democrats try to explain away these positions using pop psychology they err, they alienate, and they earn the label “elitist.” But how can Democrats learn to see—let alone respect—a moral order they regard as narrow-minded, racist, and dumb?

2 thoughts on “What Makes People Vote Republican

  1. I stole your article link and it is now plastered on my LJ. Mainly because I totally knew what that man was saying and thought lots of other people should quit sticking each other with name calling and read it to.


    A Liberal Democrat whose related by blood and region to a lot of nice, caring Republicans who I personally disagree with about everything but still know they are good people.


  2. There is no theft when it comes to links. Share and spread as much as you wish. I’m glad to see it sent out further. It’d be nice if it made a difference somehow.

    It’s been a continual bemusement to me how folks who can champion tolerance for diversity have little to no tolerance for simple disagreement over relatively small differences in political ideology. I could show you things that have come through my twit-feed in the past few days that would bother you because of the disrespect shown for the people being disagreed with.

    The author of this article managed to not only get the part that’s bothered me, but to show the way to get through it. And it’s interesting that what he’s trying to do is to bring the benefit of that understanding to those on his “team” without any thought of them leaving the team.

    I will be glad when we’re past the election. I’m tired of the demonization and insulting going on, and I’m not talking about the candidates, especially when it’s all about presidential politics. There are about 467 other federal races going on, not to mention state and local races, which represent more than half of the federal power of the president, but which get a small fraction of the popular attention the presidential race has. And the only way you could do something less meaningless than voting for the president is not voting, but it’s way over 90% of the focus of all of this bile.

    Not that this frustrates me.

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