Why this sustainer isn’t opposed to “any opposed.”

I sustain the leaders of the Church as prophets, seers and revelators.  Recently, a group of people who do not openly voted against them at General Conference, setting off a small firestorm of angry and uncharitable comments about them throughout the TBM community.  Although I disagree with their opinion on this matter, I don’t see what they’ve done as terrible or wrong.  I see it as a desperate act of those who are trying to have their concerns heard, if not addressed, and I see it as a failed effort, as the leaders of the Church, in the voice of Pres. Uchtdorf, once again refused to listen to them, and referred them to local leaders who will not pass the details of those concerns along, and will likely threaten their membership.  

Our doctrine does not claim that our leaders are infallible, so there is at least some possibility that someone faithful could see errors being made by our leaders.  Given the power of these leaders, these errors could lead to harm to individuals, and those individuals would be reasonable in wanting the leaders to be accountable for that harm.  Unfortunately, the leaders have shown no sign of willingness to even hear their complaints, let alone to try to make things right.  This is disappointing to me.  I was disappointed when the leaders of Ordain Women were turned down when they requested an opportunity to meet with Church leaders to talk about their concerns and wishes.  How are the true under-shepherds of the Good Shepherd representing him when he would leave the ninety and nine to find the one, when they have the one right in front of them and won’t even meet?

For clarity, I am not saying the Brethren don’t have the right to lead the Church in whatever way they can reconcile with God.  I do sustain them, but I am concerned by what I’m seeing here, for the reasons I’m stating.

More disappointing is the reflexive defensiveness by those who want to characterize these people not as legitimately injured parties, but as evil, disrespectful and apostate.  Jesus said we are to love our enemies, and, while I don’t see these people as enemies to anybody, what I’ve seen poured out on them is nothing like love.  Way to not live your religion, people, in the guise of being defenders of the faith.

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